I miss blogging. I miss putting my heart into words and let online passerby steal a piece of me every time they read it.

Yes, I know. I finally make it. I got paid as a writer and I have the most awesome job in the world.

But then through this job, I keep on telling other people’s stories, hoping somebody and somewhere would left inspired at the end of the line.

When will I have the chance to tell my story? It has been so long since I jot down my thoughts in my journal. Nowadays, my ink-stained right hand was a result of jotting down notes during an interview, not writing in a diary.

This Lent season, I planned to go back to the basics; to read the bible and say the rosary.

But the plans remained as plans. No execution yet on my side.

A lot of things as well I plan to do for this 2016, to reconnect with people I have lost in contacts to volunteer my time to help others.

Again the plans remained as plans.