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I just finished reading this truthful article; a good reminder for the rest of us about how prayers are not like they used to be.

I had a reflection days ago on how selfish our prayers have become.

It all began when I saw a posting on Facebook read “O God, please help our sisters and brothers in Christ in Kelantan”.

Months ago, Kelantan – a state in Peninsular Malaysia was hit by a big flood and it is a predominantly Muslim area.

The posting disturbed me. Why? So only the Christians need the prayer? What happen for those who don’t believe in Christ?

It was already bad enough that they couldnt pray for themselves (they dont believe in Christ) and here we are the so-called Christians couldnt be bother to pray for them.

Since when our prayers became so selfish?

In this article written by Msgr. Charles Pope, it had few critical points on how our prayer had changed.

Prayers used to look to God and long for heaven. More commonly today, even when they look to God, they speak more of this earth and ask God to make it more comfortable.

Now, of course it is not wrong to pray for any of the things above. But it is the silence about heavenly things that most concerns me. Do we ever long to be with God? Do we long for heaven or even talk about it much today? When was the last time you heard a reference to heaven in a prayer (except at a funeral when we should probably focus more on purgatory). Or when was the last time heaven was the topic of a conversation, let alone a sermon?