Hello there, it has been quite sometimes since I wrote something personal on this blog. So here goes.

What is my latest update?

I’m going for pre-marriage course next two weekends here in Archdiocese of Kuching. My parents have been bugging me about wedding dates and so on. Personally, I just feel that I need to go through pre-marriage course first then I think of other things like wedding reception, guests list and the whole enchilada.

Marriage for me is a sacrament. I often told my friend that if I weren’t a practicing Catholic, I totally go for a domestic partnership. Yeah, some controversial statement that worthy of slap on the back of my head from my parents.

But who cares, that is my personal thought and opinion. Marriage is not just about the union of two people, two families or legal acts surrounding it.

It is first and foremost, a sacrament. And whatever comes after that, I’ll think about it later.