Most of my friends on Facebook are Catholics. I noticed that by the amount of ‘Blessed Sunday’ posts and other Day of Celebration greetings I received on the social media.

Then perhaps a very small good number of them are the non-believers. Most people I know do not express their atheism online but of course some did. And of course the expression was done by a sarcasm to those who believe in Him.

When most people would react in anger if not offended by these remarks, I found it to be saddening.

I found them to be pitiful.

Of course I am foreseeing atheists to be very angry with this blog so if you are not planning to be reading this with an open mind I suggest you to walk away.

Just close this tab.

I’m sharing to my fellow believers.

Remember when you feel sad and down, but everything still bearable. Because you know it is bearable because you know God will never leave you alone.

They don’t have that.

Because they refuse to believe that.

Remember when you are unable to help, but you intercede for it. Later you find out God grant you a small miracle that you can’t wait to share with your cell-group members?

They don’t have that.

Because their definition of miracle is when God drop something from heaven. The small things that happen, they called it coincident.

I suddenly remember one story of Mother Theresa I heard a long time ago. When she had few food left to give to the poor, suddenly a truck full of food was sent by a stranger.

She prayed to God. The food came. Was it human or God who sent the food?

Of course atheists and non-believers would have different answer.

One thing I could say as a follower of Christ why I think atheists are pitiful, because they have no one to lean on when things get ugly and life gets darker.

How do I know He is there in the first place? I never seen Him in person.

It’s easy. I just believe.