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 Reblogged from my personal blog which was posted on November 8, 2012.

The first time I heard about Quiet Time was when I was in my Lifefire Camp. Before the camp, some of the leaders were discussing about the itinery of the camp with Derek, the speaker, he suggested that each morning during the camp we would have “Quiet Time”. We went along with the plan. The quiet time was allocated right after our breakfast.

First of all, we didn’t know what to do during that time even for us leaders. Derek briefed us, saying ” Just spend alone time with God, pray, sing, reflect or anything you want with Him.”

I don’t remember the exact things what I did during the quiet time, but I remember the peace and comforts that came with it.

After the camp, all the leaders had a post-mortem meeting with Derek at his house. Derek asked us to list down three things/activities that we didn’t like about the camp and vice verse  I was among the latter one to reveal our likes or dislikes. To my surprise, quite a number of them didn’t like “Quiet Time”. When it came to my turn, I timidly stated “Quiet Time” was one of my faves. I think I was the only leader to like it. Another moment of my life where I felt I was the one odd out.

More than a year has passed since the camp, I still practiced my Quiet Time with God on and off. Sometimes I spent it by the beach, in the car, prayer room in the church. It’s like having a moment alone with your lover.

When I was in Kaingaran, I managed to squeeze in few minutes of moment alone with Him, my quiet time. Although usually with Nick and Val around me, I hardly can keep my mouth shut. It was after my counseling session with the Carmelite nun there, I decided to have my moment with Him. We were in the chapel, Nick was having his counseling session with enthusiasm, Val was also excitedly sharing stories with our postgraduate juniors, their voices were loud, I tell you, but slowly I felt I was drifted away from the voices. I was way back of the chapel, thinking about Him, talking to Him, it’s like a first date.

Slowly, I closed my eyes and guess what? I felt asleep. Let me tell you, I’m the world most groggy, moody person when I woke up. That’s why I hate to take short nap because knowing me, I would throw a fit if I suddenly wake up. But my short nap in the chapel, was refreshing. I took a look at my clock it wasn’t a 10 minutes nap but I felt so nice. Few minutes later Val came and sat next to me, asking how am I.

I don’t’ know what it meant or why I answered this, “Like a newborn baby.”