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When I first join Lifefire Leader’s Camp, there were 10 of us leaders with Derek our spiritual adviser and his wife Bea as our speakers. The talks were mainly about leadership and using our gifts to serve God. It was my first experience on being a leader so I was still in the process of discovering myself. During the last night, we were asked to bring a symbol of anything that represent things we would wanted to offer to God. Not knowing what was my main gifts, and I was affirmed of my fellow leaders for my punctuality, I offered a watch. It was the symbol of my trait that I thought wasn’t much big of a deal.

For the rest my semesters serving in Lifefire, I was appointed as ‘timekeeper’ for Lifefire gatherings. My job was simple; to keep track of the time during gatherings, making sure we start in time and end in time. That’s it. Although it was simple, I enjoyed my simple task. All I did were looking at the clock, giving eye-signals to my fellow leaders and pointing on my wrist if they were not in time. 

After I left Lifefire, I found myself a midst of fellow ministry members whose punctuality is not their best traits. I was frustrated, big time. Once or twice, I tolerated it. Then I remembered it was how they do things. And I came to a hasty conclusion that I wasn’t able to serve with this type of people. Bad move Pat. 

Months of being alone with no proper community, I have so much time to reflect and meditate. Then the topic punctuality came to my mind. In my thoughts, why do we bother to be punctual to go to work, or be on a date, to watch movie, yet when comes to God, it is so easy to take Him for granted. In my dramatic thought again I said, Jesus even died for us yet we are not punctual for Him. How about our bosses? All they did are paying us for an honest work every the end of the month, yet we are still go to so much length just to be in time.

Again, who am I to judge those who are always late. Who knows, they do have errands to run, or something happened that made them unable to be in time right? We have to choose to see the good in people, not to expect the worst of them.

Our amazing Lord affirmed my reflection on punctuality with the first from Gospel of St. Luke.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10.

Time, be it 5 minutes or an hour can be considered such little things. 2 minutes wasted doesn’t make any significant difference to us. But Jesus trust us with this time. Fr. Andy Lee ever mentioned in his homily, God gave three T’s to us; treasure, talents and of course time. If we don’t appreciate His gift and make use this little gifts in mere minutes to glorify Him, how can we be trusted in doing big things? 


“My Lord, my God, help us to appreciate Your gift of time, may we always be punctual not just for You but also in our daily life. Help us not quick to judge of others of their timing and make us to be patience like You in serving others. Amen”