I’m currently having hard time. Emotionally mostly. I’m left uninspired these few days. And I couldn’t bring myself to write a proper post in any of my blogs. I’m not Taylor Swift that’s for sure. To turn your heartbreak into a song. I was left numb more than sad at first. Then the sadness kicks in. I occupied myself with Korean variety shows so that for few moments there I could feel what is happiness by laughing. I’m trying my best to go for daily mass. That’s about it. Like how St. Therese of Lisieux described her trial of faith:

“I get tired of the darkness all around me. The darkness itself seems to borrow, from the sinners who live in it, the gift of speech. I hear its mocking accents: It’s all a dream, this talk of a heavenly country, of a God who made it all, who is to be your possession in eternity!  All right, go on longing for death! But death will make nonsense of your hopes; it will only mean a night darker than ever, the night of mere non-existence!” (SS, Ms. C., Knox translation)