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The first part was shorter than I intended. Something just stirred inside me as I typed. Now continuing what I have started.  

“… but my soul was yet far from mature, and I had to pass though many trials before reaching the haven of peace, before tasting the delicious fruits of perfect love and of complete abandonment to God’s will.” 

True, true, true. A perfect sentence to describe me.

“… I longed to console Him, to draw as near as possible to the tabernacle, to be looked on, cared for, and gathered by Him.”

Have you ever feel you want to draw near to Him? To feel Him as close as possible? Hunger for His presence? Long to be with spiritually and physically? St. Therese felt it too.

“Some thing lose their fragrance when exposed to the air, and so, too, one’s inmost thoughts cannot be translated into earthly words without instantly losing their deep and heavenly meaning.”

How often this happen to me? How much I want to convey what I feel inside yet being misunderstood? The feelings, reflections, inner thoughts. There is not enough words in the dictionary to describe how i feel. Sometimes I really thought it would be lost in translation and it does. Some did understand but I only wish there are more.

“And no one understood that all the joy of heaven had come down into one heart, and that this heart, exiled, weak and mortal as it was could not contain it without tears. “

I understand St. Therese. If my heart could explode of His love it would be shredded in pieces by now.  Sometime it could be in mere seconds. Yet it was still enough. 

“… yet I think Our Lord made use of it to show me that a soul in the state of grace has nothing to fear from the devil, who is coward, and will even fly from the gaze of a little Child.” 

Another reminder for me and us in our spiritual battle. As what Jesus reminded Val, “Perfect love casts out fear.”  There is no fear in Love. God is love. So why should we be afraid when there is love in us.