Pride, I reflected about this a lot. Simply because with all the amazing gifts He bestowed me, I am scared that have forgotten the true meaning of loving and serving, and being humble in the same time. I asked someone what does it mean by “pride”. He shared what he was told before this, in a simple sentence: “Pride is being someone that you are not.” True yet I want more. Then I found an article that explain what pride is and what are the symptoms. Here is my summary for pride.



Overweening pride, arrogance, haughtiness, vanity, fussiness, delicacy: the stuff of comedy. Pride and vanity refuse the truth about who we are and substitute illusions for reality. While vanity is mostly concerned with appearance, pride is based in a real desire to be God, at least in one’s own circle.


1) Spiritual Blindness

Any glimpse of God reveals our frailty and sinfulness, just as a well-lit bathroom mirror shows the flaws in our complexion. In simple words, if we are not proud, we should be able to see our own weaknesses and accept others’ comments about us without being defensive. 

2) Each challenge to our pride drives us harder to improve our illusion of productivity, sanctity or compassion.

It has been said that the definition of a zealot is “one who has lost sight of his goal, and so redoubles his efforts.” If we are proud, we will be trying so hard to be someone who we are not. 

How we indicate pride?

1) How much are we bothered by the pride of others? And if we feel attacked, is our response: “other people are worse.”

2) Competitiveness. There is nothing wrong with playing to win, provided the joy is in the playing. If our happiness depends on defeating others or knowing our child is the star of the team, we are building a world of illusion.

How to destroy pride?

  1. Be grateful to anyone and everyone. Treat even the things people are expected to do as great gifts. Be grateful for your food, your change at Burger King, rain, life itself. Thank everyone.


  2. Beg forgiveness of God for the sin of Pride. Go before Him in prayer every day or every few hours and implore His mercy. The more this offends you, the more Pride you have.
  3. Ask God for a spirit of Humility and Gratitude. Read Philippians 2:3-11 and imitate it. Understand that without God’s Grace, we will never cast away our illusions. Ask God to break your pride and vanity using whatever it takes: illness, loss of friends, loss of family, public humiliation. This is unbelievably difficult to request, and every fiber of our being fights it. We protest it is not fair, or “God doesn’t work that way.” My friend, what good is health, friends, family, a good reputation, if you have no real love for God, but only a hollow illusion? In the end, all but true love for God is lost, so count all else but God as loss now.

Lord Jesus Christ,

Let me humble like You. Open my eyes whenever pride kicks in my life. Open my ears to listen to Your whisper instead of my own prideful thoughts. Help me to take delight in other’s pride instead of being bothered by it. Break my pride and vanity in the power of Your name. Cast away any illusions where I implicate any pride. I ask these in the Name of Jesus. Amen.