I love Jesus. I want to grow knowing Him. In the same time, I’m scared. I’m scared to go to the next level. I know I’m in my comfort zone now. I know I should move on now. I’m scared of the unknown. No matter how much we pray, we are still human. And the human part of us still get the best of us at times.

Deliverance and exorcism. I’m interested in it. I think I’m called to serve in that area. To sense the presence of evil spirit was a gift from Him. I embraced it. At least trying to. I heard my daddy ever fought with evil spirit. Rosary at one hand and holy water at another. I thought to myself, I could do that. But when I finally being put into the real deal. I was scared. Shamefully, I was scared at first. Although my wallbangers were there next to me. I was still scared. Gratefully, I was reminded by His grace and mercy. I was okay in the end. Looking at the place where it manifested in intense, praying in tongue and asking earnestly all the Saints and angels to help us.

I was mad at myself. I felt their presence. The evil spirits when I was at that place. But I ignored them. I ignored God’s whisper to take out the crucifix. I simply ignored everything. Now, I know I shouldn’t have.