Jesus is always be my number inspiration. I inspired the most when I was in His presence. I came back from Holy Hour tonight and I was left fully inspired by Jesus. I discerned and asked God for the past few weeks, what is He calling me to do in my life. And I must be honest, I lost sights of my main calling for awhile. I was busy doing other things that required my attention. Tonight, I was reminded again of my calling. To write. To write for Him. The mission was clearer given this time. He asked to write for two reasons: 1) To praise Him and magnify Him in writing. 2) To proclaim His words in writing. 

Of course, everything need to be done accordingly. One step at a time. In His guidance. Another task He gave is to gather His writers especially blogger under one roof. How exactly He wants me to do that? He had yet not reveal. In His time, I know He will show the way. 

I believe Internet is one of many blessings that God gave us. Without the net, we won’t be so close to our loved ones like people 20 years ago. I strongly believe that we should use the Internet to proclaim His words. Nowadays, there are violence, sex, non stop ridiculousness online, Jesus is sad because of this. We as Christians, really should use this blessing of internet to evangelize His words, inspire others and not just our fellow Christians but especially many many lost souls out there. Suicide pack online, cyber-bullying, pornography, why are we letting the Satan run the internet?

No, not anymore. One step at a time, one soul at a time, one site at a time. We will change the face of the Internet.