During my short stay in a monastery last November, one of the prayers the Carmelite Brother taught us was the Jesus prayer. The prayer is very easy. Inhale a bit and say “Je”, exhale your breath then say “sus”. Keep on repeating this in form of meditation. The Carmelite Monk asked us to say this prayer in a very early of morning, like 6am and I tell you it wasn’t easy at all. Imagine a room of half-asleep devotees breathing the word “JESUS”. I barely could open my eyes. After I left the monastery it became a habit to say this prayer any given time. And I wasn’t the only one. Val and Nick, the duo who went with me for the seminar in a monastery in a middle of nowhere too carried this habit. For me it’s therapeutic and reflecting in the same time. Try it, it’s amazing! It’s like you’re proclaiming every breath that you take is for the one and only Jesus.