God has been so generous toward me! As much as I wanted to complain He always reminds me to be grateful and happy about my life. Val, Nick and I are planning something big next year! Something real big! For us at least! And it was confirmed! When I saw the email Nick sent me, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! As much as I want to share it now but I think I need to wait because it felt so surreal!

But truthfully I was disturbed for the past few months. The feeling comes and goes. I think my past started to haunt me back. But when I prayed about it, I was okay! Guess that prayers are my remedies. I realized I never confront this feeling before and I never share it to anybody. I can’t wait to see Val again! I want to tell her this! You must be like wondering why on earth I used a lot of exclamation marks. The truth is I’m so excited about life, my life! When you’re down you seemed to be blind to all of your blessings! Considering the fact that I’m  in good mood now let me share you my blessings! All glory and praises unto Him,

1) I have amazing family, happily married for more than 30 years parents, my big bro whom I shared my passion for conspiracy theories, general knowledge. My big sis whom I shared love for cocktails, singing and dancing. My lil sis who is like a life-size doll for me because I love to dress her and our love for Korean dramas and variety shows could never dampen our sisterhood. Last but not least, my lil bro with whom I shared scientific wild facts and 9gag jokes. How can I forget my sis in law who fits perfectly into the picture? She’s the reason my big bro came to grow more spiritually after they were married!

2) Amazing sets of friends! Xian, my GBFF whom I knew since we were 13! Putri who is like my another half. Rueben, my first brofriend he is like brother but he’s just a friend.  My form 5 and form 6 friends! My wews! The four girls that helped me to survive my degree years! Ira, Ivy, Ellen and Oli will always have special place in my heart! My fellow Lifefire leaders and members, God knows how much you guys touched and moved me. My three head leaders, Ann, Ester and Sharon! Derek and Bea, Yvonne and Felix, Egan and Anne, Chris and Con. These are the couples I look up too. My bros and sisters in Fiat. Oli, Josh the duo that reminded me of God’s love in Fiat! Val and Nick, my wallbangers and God-sent angels, literally. Something greater is ahead of us, I can feel it. Mr. Kura-kura who never fails to love me, how I wish I could return that love. Those who ever share a room, a house with me! My roomies and housies! Jo, Ming, Sai, Amy, Eva, Lau! My latest former housemate, my big sis named Flo! These are the people outside my family know my eating, sleeping, bathing, cooking habits! Not forgetting my crazy lunatics cousins! People might think the only reasons that we hang out because we are related; looking how different we think, speak, talk and even dress! I’m so blessed to have you guys. Ah King, Ah Lang and Ah Wee, I know if any person was in my face, you girls would be the first to protect me! I love you girls tattoos, gang-related and all! Lol! My karaoke cousins, Ilen, Ta and Ika, screaming and singing in a small room with you guys always make me forget my problems. I lost counts on how many times Yies and the rest of my cuzzies rescued me from drowning every time I swam in the river when we were kids! I literally owe you guys my life.

If only I could go on and on about each and everyone in my life! I love my God and every time the thoughts of having so much loves and blessings in my life almost brought tears to my eyes! In return, I would pay this blessings forward whenever I am able to and promise myself that I won’t dwell in the past anymore. Simply because I’m blessed!