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I was introduced to a book, a very controversial book if I might add, “Jesus and Muhammad” by Mark A. Gabriel today. I put aside all my chores just to read the book without pause this morning. Not much I have to say about the technicality knowledge of the book actually because I am living in an Islamic country and was educated briefly in Islamic teaching that was incorporated into our History subject back we were in high school. With the highest respect for my Muslim relatives and friends, I do not find the book offensive. I realized the author was trying his best to not appear slamming his former religion. Sometimes all we can do is to keep an open mind. I remember a Catholic speaker ever told me in one too many seminars, talks, conferences that I joined, if you open the bible and look for faults and hatreds, then faults and hatreds would be found. The fact that this author opened the bible with an open heart and be touched by it just showed that His words are nothing but truth. 

My favourite part of course is his testimonials. How and why he embraces Christianity. I know leaving the religion that he was brought up with is worthy of death punishment for them and is frightening enough to some people. I was disappointed with some people he mentioned that weren’t willing to help him because of too scared. But isn’t that is Jesus about? To follow Christ is to be persecuted like Him? People often forgot persecution not necessarily means whips and nails, torture and torment. We are being persecuted everyday. Persecuted by an atheist lecturer who told me God doesn’t exist but just a superstitious belief. Persecuted by other Christians when I argue that IVF and contraceptive pills are against God’s plans. Persecuted by former boss why church activities and Sunday masses are important for me. I know such persecutions are nothing being whipped, tortured, nailed on a tree and hung for three hours. But if you’re given one small chance to stand up for your faith, why don’t you take it? Like a small chance to help someone embracing Christ? Who am I to say anything anyway? Who knows I might run away given the same circumstances?

The feeling that I had when I finally turned the last page of this book was “grateful”. Grateful to be able to call myself a Christian, a Roman Catholic, grateful to know Jesus as my Saviour, comfort, lover of my soul basically my everything. I know I have long way to go in knowing Him through and through, to serve Him all I can while it’s possible, but like what He reminded me, “One step at a time, Pat”. 


This is the closest image that I have to describe my relationship with Him. I love You Jesus. Can’t wait to spend my eternity with You.